Oh god, HBO just accidentally aired the next Game of Thrones episode

Well, someone’s getting fired today.

It sure seems like HBO Spain has royally screwed the pooch after footage emerged of the new Game of Thrones ep airing.

The news was first broken on Reddit and while it’s not always the most trustworthy source, it sure as hell seems like the sixth episode.

Redditor ‘kingrdgz’ noticed that HBO had accidentally aired the next episode

No word yet on how the hell this happened, but apparently the episode was up for an entire hour before being taken down.

The clip showed Gendry, Beric and the Hound having a bit of banter, but even though it’s completely benign we won’t spoil what was said.

(Check out the Reddit link if you want to have a geez.)

It wasn’t just Reddit that was dishing out the dirt though, an Instagram user (@afaga23) was live streaming it before it got shut down, and there were also Twitch and YouTube streams for a brief period of time.


The cruel irony of this whole debacle is HBO is currently being held to ransom by hackers who are threatening to leak episodes.

Well, jokes on you hackers, HBO is just gonna leak it all themselves.

Shaking. My. Damn. Head.

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