Let’s all enjoy this incredible video of news anchors falling to pieces with the giggles

News anchors are generally very professional, serious people.

Well I mean, not in Australia (*cough Karl *cough*) – but in the US it’s a pretty serious business.

So make sure you treasure watching this team of normally deeply professional newscasters absolutely fall to pieces over a story about poop.


These delightful humans are from KTLA 5 in Southern California whose show was reduced to a blubbering mess as they attempted to report on a sewage spray at Nashville Airport.

In case you were wondering the source of the incident came from a single toilet near the baggage handling area.

The sewage swept through the bathroom floor then into the baggage area and tragically for some, into a bunch of bags.

For me, the best part of this whole video is after they briefly manage to pull it back together, Megan Henderson trying to rein in her two co-hosts by reminding them:

“We are on TV.”

The moral here?

Don’t take life too seriously…and zip up your luggage.

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