Featured Image for A handheld travel device helping millions to connect through language

A handheld travel device helping millions to connect through language

Having recently completed a round-the-world-trip, I can tell you first hand that the translation functionality of your smartphone is a godsend. And I can also tell you firsthand that the associated app-jumping and the strain it puts on your poor phone’s battery life is anything but.

Enter Travis.

A personal voice translator device, Travis is capable of instantly translating between 80 of the world’s most common languages with the click of a button.

Travis (the device) was designed and created by Travis (the company), a small firm founded by Lennart van der Ziel and Nick NM Yap, which started with just those two and has since grown to now have teams working across three continents — North America, Europe and Asia.

Remarkably, no one involved was actually named Travis.

The device is nicely pocket-sized, and uses advanced AI to recognise what language is being spoken, analyse and translate it, and then relay that translation in your chosen preferred language — all within the system itself, with no need to bounce between apps!

Travis is able to be used with headphones with a built in mic; so if you want to go on a tour, or attend a show, or even if you’re simply riding public transport, Travis will listen to the information being presented, and deliver it directly to your ear, without giving away your secret.

And to make it even more clever, Travis can be used between a pair of headphones — one wired and one wireless — so that two people can have a private conversation with the same device, and only those two are able to hear what is being said.

Travis campaigned its way into existence back in April on Indiegogo and tidily raised over $AUD 1 million of a modest $AUD 126K goal — but if this is the first you’re hearing of it, don’t worry!

Even though the campaign has now long since finished, Travis was so popular he is now available InDemand, so patrons can still head over to Indiegogo and secure themselves a travel buddy, and with an estimated shipping date of September, he could make the perfect Christmas present.

Just don’t actually get it for someone named ‘Travis,’ that could open up a company/device/user paradox which could destroy the universe!

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