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Tim Minchin slams the plebiscite as an insult to the public’s intelligence

Tim Minchin has become famous for his sing-song takedowns.

He’s tackled Cardinal Pell, the Pope, and prejudice against redheads.

This time, he’s responding to the postal plebiscite on marriage equality by taking on an Aussie classic, ‘I Still Call Australia Home…ophobic’.

“I’m always travelling but wherever I stay, people love Aussies and they generally say…

They think we’re kind, fun and funny; tall, tanned and toned; and a little bit racist and a little bit homophobic. It’s bad enough these pollie assholes pass discriminatory laws, now we’re forced to dance the plebiscite jig.

But on the upside, this plebiscite might enlighten us — at least we’ll know exactly how many Aussies are bigoted cunts. Yay stats!

Some day we’ll be together once more, once they do their bloody jobs and change the fucking law. Then Carrie can marry Sally, Ben can bum Tone in the marriage bed in their Aussie home. You can shove your cherry-picked bible passage up your puckered bottom. Your attempt to keep Australia in the past will be a failure, because most of Australia ain’t homophobic.”

While it’s a tongue-in-cheek song intended to get laughs (and maybe encourage some oldies to bicker in the comments section), Minchin ensures that there’s a call to action.

After the song has ended, Minchin implores Australians to counter the “horrid” plebiscite and “drown the mofos in ‘yes’ votes. The condesending shits think that by making it postal, young people won’t vote. Prove them wrong.”

A heartfelt song to my homeland, recorded last night on my iPhone. With love.
[With apologies to that fabulous, much-missed genius, Peter Allen. And thanks to Jeremy Ervine .]

Posted by Tim Minchin on Thursday, 10 August 2017

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