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Make your own “Good, Evil, Ugly, Beautiful” Game of Thrones matrix

Finally, an answer to the age old question: “Who is hotter, Jaime or Drogo?”

The New York Times is giving readers the opportunity to rate major Game of Thrones characters based on their appearance and goodness (or lack thereof).

For an extra layer of fun, you can also see what the averages are, laid out in one neat-looking matrix.

At the time of writing, over 100,000 readers have taken part in the social experiment. Although the data is changing all the time, here is a recent example of average results:

In a show like Game of Thrones, where things aren’t black and white, rating “goodness” is no easy feat. For example, take Jaime. He started off as a pure bad guy, but over time we saw him go through a “redemptive arc” – I mean remember when he saved Brienne from that bear?

However, it is worth noting Jaime has swung back hard now to Team Cersei. Understandably, this puts him in about the middle of the Good/Evil matrix. But I have hopes he will end up killing Cersei, and he is a good example of moral shifting in the show.

It is also interesting to see how people’s perception of goodness affects how attractive they think someone is. On the chart, we see that most of the goodies are also towards the beautiful end. So are we that superficial or is this just due to casting choices?

Theon is a good example of how character can influence looks. Theon is not an ugly man. Here are some shots of Alfie Allen, the actor who plays him:

As you can see, hair and makeup has a lot to do with this. But I think there is another, more important takeaway here, too: Theon is rated as uglier because he is morally repugnant and a coward in the show. Having said that, one of the major mysteries about Theon is the question of why he is still alive. This leads me to think that he too is in for some redemption. If that does happen, I wouldn’t be surprised if his beauty rating increased.

In other news, Jon Snow is the hottest (and best) man in the show, followed by Rob Stark. Darius – the one-time beau of Daenerys – is considered a bit hotter than Rob but less morally good.

Dany was rated as the most beautiful but not the most morally good. That title goes to poor old Shireen, who was burnt at the stake by her dad.

After Dany, two other “goodies” round at the top three for beauty – Margaery – who was just a little good – and Missandei, who is very good (even better than Dany). Cersei, Elia and the Red Woman are considered attractive but nasty.

Cersei is problematic for my Theon Theory, and is a true outlier on the matrix, since she is voted as both super hot and evil. But let’s also not forget she is very powerful, and power is sexy.

When it comes to evil, it’s no surprise that Ramsay, Joffrey, the Night King and Gregor (The Mountain) are frontrunners. The Night King and The Mountain are the ugliest dudes in the show according to readers.

At the end of the day, beauty and to some extent moral goodness have an element of subjectivity to them. Some people out there might find the Night King to be a sexy good guy. And there is nothing wrong with that. You do you.

Want to have your say? Make your own Game of Thrones “Good/Evil/Ugly/ Beautiful matrix here.

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