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Here’s the secret to finding the newest and best music playlists

There so many options for music streaming that it can be overwhelming to find a platform that works for you.

If you want playlists of the hottest new hits on the Australian music charts, iHeartRadio is the free platform for you. While you can curate your own playlists according to very specific tastes, iHeart can actually suggest songs you might like (and just don’t know it yet).

Here’s a look at the top playlists to listen to, or head on over and create your own.

Hit Nation

The songs played here are new, but not too new that you’re tired of them already. It’s more like a list of recent faves you’re glad to hear again.


iHeartRadio allows listens to tune in from anywhere. You can listen to this in your car…and on the way to work…and in an Uber…and in a cafe.

Today’s Mix

These tracks aren’t exclusive to the ’00s. They hail all the way from the ’90s to now.

The Edge

Tailored towards young Aussies who have a taste for “urban” music, The Edge delivers something different. Go on, you might discover something totally new.

Australia’s Ultimate ’80s and ’90s stations

If you’ve got a themed party coming up, there’s absolutely no need to sit around collating a playlist. It’s already been done for you. Just enjoy it.

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