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Giant inflatable “Trump chicken” appears behind White House

A giant inflatable chicken resembling U.S. President Donald Trump was placed behind the White House on Wednesday.

The chicken was inflated on The Ellipse, a large park located between the White House and the Washington Monument.

It didn’t take long for people to start noticing the chicken, which features a shlock of golden Trump-like hair and an angry frown. A Fox News affiliate started to livestream the “event” and pics of the poultry Prez swarmed Twitter.

Eventually, it was discovered that True American Hero behind the chicken stunt was Taran Singh Brar, who said that he had inflated it as a “visual protest” to Trump not releasing his tax returns.

Further investigation revealed that Brar had a permit for his chicken and that it could stay up till the evening.

Keen-eyed memesters were then quick to remember that the world had seen Trump as a chicken before. It looks like the internet has it wrong too – as the chicken was originally a rooster.

In December 2016, a “Trump Rooster” statue was erected outside a mall in Taiyuan. At the time, Trump was the subject of mockery in China (and the world). So not much has changed since then.

In April, people started using the Trump chicken during the Tax March, to protest Trump’s refusal to release his taxes.

It looks like the Tax March Chicken has its own official Twitter account too.

Now, what if I told you that you could own your very own Trump chicken?

That’s right folks, for the paltry price of just $USD 499.99 ($AUD 633), this could be all yours. Did I mention shipping is free? Get in quick while the Aussie dollar is still high!

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