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A bronze iPhone? Updates in what to expect from the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is coming out this September, marking the tenth anniversary of the iPhone.

There are rumours – as always – of facial recognition, a new iPhone colour, touch ID removal, wireless charging, waterproofing and a differentiation in size.

So the question is, what’s true and what’s false?

Below is an image provided by AppleInsider to demonstrate the likelihood of these updates occurring, the green meaning probably, the yellow indicating maybe and the red signifying – you guessed it – probably not.

Appleinsider's thoughts on what is likely to happen to the upcoming iPhone 8

Although the exact size of the iPhone 8 is still up for debate, the notion that it will have a larger screen in an overall smaller package seems to be pretty legit.

Even Forbes tweeted information suggesting that the iPhone 8 screen will be bezel-less.

What is even more interesting is that most of the speculation that is being done, is being pulled directly from Apple sources themselves.

For example, Apple released firmware for their upcoming HomePod speaker, but in doing so they inadvertently leaked a ton of information that could directly correlate to the next generation of iPhone.

The video above touches on a lot of the projected changes that were previously mentioned, but specifically in regards to facial recognition, there was code found in Apple’s HomePod firmware that strongly suggests that facial recognition is going to be an iPhone 8 feature.

Although, what the video failed to mention was the new iPhone 8 colour. It appears that copper is the new rose gold.

Copper iPhone 8

Credit: 9To5Mac

The only real guarantee when it comes to the iPhone 8 is its arrival this September. That’s more than what can be said about the Apple Watch release, which might face some delays.

It is clear that Apple has yet to settle into a regular launch pattern with their watches, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable for the Apple Watch Series 3 to officially launch in 2018.

Sorry to break it to those who were hoping to see it sooner, but on the bright side it is rumoured to be thinner and lighter, have a rounder face, new display design, cellular connectivity, built-in camera, brighter display, and a better battery life.

Talk about an upgrade.

Lead image: iDropNews

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