Americans have no idea where North Korea is

It seems more and more likely that the world is hurtling towards war.

With an oversized, teething toddler in the White House and a megalomaniac man-child in Pyongyang, chances are slim that the two will sensibly and maturely settle their differences.

So with this threat of impending war, you might think that Americans would at least know the very basics of the country that their President has threatened to blow to smithereens.

You know, things like where North Korea is on a map.

Jimmy Kimmel (or you know, one of his interns) hit the streets to ask folks this very question, and the results were…worrying.


While I’m sure it’s been heavily edited to make people look as stupid as humanly possible, I still have some questions:

A) Surely by now, after all of Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un’s shenanigans, you would know it is?

B) But even if you don’t know, SURELY you would know enough basic geography to know that North Korea is not…you know in North America or Europe?

But maybe we should cut them some slack.

After all, when their Commander-in-Chief said he was sending an “armada” towards North Korea, the US fleet was actually steaming the opposite direction, towards Australia.

Geography is hard you guys, sad reacts only pls.

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