Douchebag jogger shoves woman in front of oncoming bus, she somehow cheats death

Oh cool, now we’re not even safe going for morning jogs now.

CCTV footage in London has captured the terrifying moment a woman narrowly avoided getting smooshed by a bus after a jogger inexplicably knocked her off the footpath and onto a busy road.


The video is kind of grainy but it certainly looks as though the jogger/asshole goes out of his way to give her a shove.

You might think, “oh maybe she was on the wrong side I hate it so goddamn much when people do that”.

Me too, it’s infuriating when people don’t walk on the left – but not only was this woman walking on the correct side, that’s also not really an excuse to shove somebody into the path of an 11-tonne bus.

(The only time you’re morally justified to shove someone near a bus is if you’re on a bus and someone is playing music on the speakers as though they’re some sort of self-appointed DJ – in which case it’s your civic duty to shove that wanker off the bus.)

But I digress.

The Metropolitan Police said the 33-year-old woman was having a morning stroll across Putney Bridge at 7.40am when the incident happened.

“The bus stopped and some passengers got off and rushed to the victim’s aid. She received minor injuries from the incident,” the statement said.

“About 15 minutes later the jogger came back the other way across the bridge. The victim tried to speak to him but he did not acknowledge her and carried on jogging.”

The police are calling any witnesses to come forward with information about the jogger/asshole.

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