Featured Image for Aussies light up social media with hilariously ‘Strayan responses to the plebiscite

Aussies light up social media with hilariously ‘Strayan responses to the plebiscite

Today host Karl Stefanovic calls the impending same-sex marriage plebiscite “complete BS” and judging by social media, many Aussies feel the same.

Following an emergency party room meeting on Monday, the government has decided that if it is unable to hold a compulsory plebiscite, it will opt for a postal one.

The postal option is looking increasingly likely as the compulsory plebiscite will no doubt be voted down.

It will come with a price tag of $122 million, which is a discount on the $500-million odd for a compulsory plebiscite, but still an utter waste of time and money.

If Aussie’s vote “Yes”, then MPs will be allowed a free, or “conscience” vote on the bill. Then if the MPs vote “yes” – which they could do today according to a High Court decision of 2013 – same-sex marriage will be made legal sometime in 2018.

It’s worth noting that the bill they would vote on “protects religious freedoms.” This gives religious business people the right to refuse to serve a same-sex marriage on the basis of their beliefs. For example, a Christian baker may refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay marriage.

If Aussie’s vote “No”, the bill drafted by those five “rebel” Liberal MPs will not go before Parliament.

Aussies over the age of 18 will start receiving ballots by mail on September 12th and must turn them in by November 15th. The postal plebiscite will be run by the Australian Bureau of Statistics since they did such a good job with the Census, rather than the Australian Electoral Commission.

Aussies have been quick to jump on social to denounce the idea of a postal plebiscite.

Meanwhile, Tony Abbott has wasted no time kicking off his “no campaign.”

Mia Freedman, who is well-known for putting her foot in it, has done it again with her attempt at a “yes” campaign.

For some reason, she thought flaunting her wedding ring would be a good symbol of solidarity. It isn’t.

And on Reddit’s r/Australia, this is the top post today.

The postal plebiscite may have parallels to Trump/Brexit.

Sure, everyone you know and everyone on Twitter is against the plebiscite. But there are giant patches of the country who don’t go on Twitter, and there are even some people who like Tony Abbott. These people have mailboxes and are more of the “demographic” to post letters. Let’s just say their favourite movie star is Charlie Chaplin.

We may not like/agree with/want the postal plebiscite, but if it must happen, then we should absolutely vote “yes”.

In some cases, you can win the game without playing. This is not one of them. By not voting, you are essentially choosing “no”. We saw how the “never Hillary” Bernie Sanders supporters chose not to vote for Clinton. How did that work out for them?

You can check your electoral role details here.

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