Alright, so did Jaime Lannister die? We have the *very emotional* answer

*Definite Game of Thrones spoilers ahead – proceed at own risk*

Alright, you’ve been warned. These updates are informed by the recent HBO leaks, so don’t blame us if you read ahead.

Last night’s Game of Thrones Episode 4 ended on the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers.

Jaime going full kamikaze hurtling towards the dragon with his spear, only to narrowly avoid being roasted to a crisp by a mysterious dude on a horse.

So who was the guy?

Does Jaime live?

Can he even swim when one of his arms is made of a very solid metal?

The leaked episode four excerpt (which proved to be pretty much bang on accurate) that was doing the rounds last week seems to hold all the answers.


‘Just before Drogon strikes, Bronn dives in from the side, and tackles Jaime off his horse and over the side of the bridge. They tumble into the Blackwater Rush as Drogon fries both their horses.

The rapids rush Jaime and Bronn away from the bridge and battle, Bronn holding them underwater. Above them the water’s surface boils and steams under dragonflame.

Drogon does not like missing meals. Drowned men float alongside them.

Jaime looks down and sees an even sadder sight: living soldiers trapped on the riverbottom, their armour too heavy to swim. Their eyes look up at Jaime, beseeching him for a help he can’t give, as they drown.’


This last episode drew rave reviews from critics and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s pretty effing amazing to finally see all the main characters come together – Dragons, Daenerys, Jaime, Jon, and Tyrion all finally clashing after six-and-a-half slow-burning seasons.

The payoff’s finally here, and it seems to be worth the wait.

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