Featured Image for Koala’s Sunday stroll into pharmacy sends town into a spin

Koala’s Sunday stroll into pharmacy sends town into a spin

Every Aussie is guilty of convincing (or at least trying to convince) a non-Australian that drop bears are real and that kids ride kangaroos to school.

But even the most seasoned lying traveller would be flabbergasted by the sight of a koala perusing a pharmacy. It just doesn’t really happen (sorry to break the national narrative).

Ashley and Gabby Wiles, the husband and wife running Tocumwal Pharmacy, spoke to 9 News after posting snaps and security footage of the koala cruising right into the shop. Despite the reputation to be grumpy little things, the koala was described as “relaxed and cruisy” by Gabby Wiles, who even brought her daughter to look at the unique customer.

Although it seems not all customers were phased by the koala. This guy has clearly seen it all.

Old man walking into store

A vet advised the pharmacy staff to simply let the koala do its thing and accompany it to a nearby tree when it was time to move along.

Where are the Eucalyptus drops?
The front door opens and a Koala walks in on its own. He walked the store, got some free pharmacy advice and then headed to the tree up the road. Only in Toc.

Posted by Tocumwal Pharmacy on Friday, 4 August 2017

Check out the footage below:


A Koala has captured the hearts of a country town after wandering into a local pharmacy.

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Posted by 9 News Melbourne on Sunday, 6 August 2017

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