Liberal MP blasted after refusing to address marriage equality in shocker 30-second interview

“Thanks for your company”.

A recent interview on Sky News left the interviewer – and the audience – incredibly confused.

Liberal MP Tim Wilson was given a spot on the show to talk about marriage equality, among other topics, in light of the rift running through the Liberal Party about a vote on altering the Marriage Act. Wilson has appeared on the show multiple times to share political insights, but this interview was remarkably short.

Crossing live to Wilson, Sky News host Peter van Onselen asked “Tim, do you like the idea of a secret ballot?”, referring to the possibility of the marriage equality debate being settled within the Liberal Party rather than a plebiscite or postal vote.

Wilson was quick to steer away from the question, responding “Thanks Peter. I’ve said everything I have to say on this issue…”

Trying to shift the conversation, Wilson suggested alternative topics “that actually matter to the Australian population”, such as economics or the Labor Party’s tax strategy.

Thankfully, van Onselen played hardball and shut the entire interview down. From start the finish, the interview didn’t even reach thirty seconds.

It’s odd that Wilson was so adamant about dodging the question, given that he’s been particularly outspoken about his role as a marriage equality advocate within the Liberal Party. he was one of the men caught up in the Coopers controversy which paired Christianity with beer. In that video, Wilson was more than happy to chat about marriage equality, saying

“I believe it would be sensible to change the Act that deals with the issues around civil marriage to include two people regardless of their gender. I hold that view because I believe everybody should be encouraged to have an equal investment in society, that relationships should be recognised as marriage if they’re long term and committed because they provide the foundations of a society going from the individual, to forming family, building community and ultimately country. That’s how we make a strong country.And whether people are heterosexual or homosexual we should want people committed to that.”

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