Bernie Sanders gushes over Australia’s healthcare system while scorching Trump

Look, it’s been a while since we’ve had some good PR as a nation.

Our treatment of asylum seekers has been condemned by the United Nations, our Prime Minister got verbally abused by the President of the United States and thirdly, Iggy Azaelia.

We’re finally getting some good press after Bernie Sanders (aka your friend’s nice Grandpa) sang Australia’s praises on the Senate floor during their messy-as-hell healthcare debate.

In a two-minute long rant, the legitimate second-placed Democratic Presidential nominee outlined how Australia’s universal healthcare was wildly more efficient and effective than America’s.

“Not only does Australia guarantee universal healthcare, spend less on healthcare per capita, and pay less than we do for many health services, they have better health outcomes,” he said.

The Bern also reminded the chamber that Donald Trump himself told Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, “You have better healthcare than we do”.

The baffling irony here being that Trump has been working to try and dismantle Obamacare – the closest thing America has ever had to a universal system like ours.

Thankfully, it seems like his efforts have finally failed.

We get a lot of things in this country very, very wrong – but you can’t legally purchase an automatic weapon at K-Mart and you can get a hospital bed if you’re sick.

Don’t take it for granted.

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