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Apple HomePod firmware leaks details about the next iPhone

Like most companies, Apple hates leaks. But this time it looks like they have no one to blame but themselves.

The firmware for Apple’s upcoming HomePod smart speaker came out last week and eagle-eyed developers have found details about the next iPhone buried within the HomePod’s code.

Since the HomePod isn’t slated for release till December, it is unclear whether Apple wanted the firmware out there early or leaked it by accident.

Recode reports that developers Steve Troughton Smith and Guilherme Rambo were the first to find details of the new iPhone within the HomePod’s code.

Rambo, who is a developer for a Brazillian e-commerce company, dug into the HomePod and found its firmware was iOS 11.0.2 and that Apple had not deleted mentions of its unreleased products.

One such product is the next iPhone which is due for release in September. The summary of the developers’ findings are this: Apple will axe the Home Button, the bezel will be slimmer (or bezel-less in some models) and there will be some kind of face recognition, most likely used for a face unlock feature.

The leaks confirm the long-held belief that Apple would move towards a phone that is “all-screen”, and it now looks like Touch ID will be replaced by Face ID.

If the leak is legit – and it looks like it is – this represents one of the larger Apple breaches in recent years.

“This is a rough situation for Apple,” developer Steve Troughton Smith told Wired. “For them to be the source of the only concrete leaks about it and its design is going to upset a lot of people internally.”

Apple has yet to officially respond but it’s safe to say that whoever is responsible at Cupertino isn’t having a very good start to their week.

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