Featured Image for Aldi’s dirt cheap spirits have officially been crowned some of the best in the god-damn world

Aldi’s dirt cheap spirits have officially been crowned some of the best in the god-damn world

I spent the large majority of my early adulthood on a strict diet of Mi Goreng and goon.

In fact, I reckon I’ve even become something of a goon connoisseur – armed with an intimate knowledge of each bargain-priced sack, I can tell you which one you’d want for every possible occasion, AND what they’re paired best with.

(Pro-tip: Fruity Lexia and orange juice tastes like Gatorade, perfect for a sweaty night on the DF).

And while I developed a real fondness for what was essentially grape-trash – you could hardly call any of it ‘good’, let alone ‘award-worthy’.

Which makes it all the more impressive that Aldi has managed to pump out yet another suite of award-winning, cheap AF grog.

The German supermarket chain absolutely dominated at the International Wine and Spirits Challenge – picking up a whopping 20 medals.

The biggest gong went to their $16 Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin, which picked up a gold medal – beating out Foxhole London, a bottle worth four times as much.

Oh, and they also won Supermarket Own Brand Spirits Range Of The Year.

The big-guns at the IWSC stood up and took notice, a spokesperson saying:

“The display of awards achieved by Aldi this year at the International Spirits Challenge was fantastic.

“They consistently showcased high-quality products in the blind tastings, which demonstrates that you don’t have to compromise on price to enjoy great tasting drinks.”

While a lot of these award-winning spirits aren’t available in Australian stores just yet, don’t fret.

Quite literally every single bottle of liquor available at Aldi’s Aussie stores have won other awards in previous years.

Tamova Quadruple Distilled Vodka, Darley’s London Style Gin and Highland Earl Blended Scotch Whisky (all retail around mid $20s) swept the Spirits International Prestige awards – picking up Gold, Silver, Bronze and People’s Choice gongs.

So ditch the goon and get top some top-shelf grog this weekend, you’ll thank yourself on Sunday morning.

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