Featured Image for This island’s special feature proves that all maps should come with guide dogs

This island’s special feature proves that all maps should come with guide dogs

You know that sad feeling you get when you see a guide dog and all you want to do is follow it around, but you know you can’t because they have an important job to do that they’ve trained their whole lives for?

Feel that way no longer!

Thanks to online exploration apps and websites like Google Streetview, it’s now easier than ever to virtually walk the streets of a foreign land from the comfort of your lounge, and thanks to the greatest photobomb effort in history, you can now complete that trek while in the company of the world’s cutest virtual tour guide.

Doggo Smelling Flowers

It seems that when the folk from Daum (South Korea’s own ‘Google,’ offering its users access to news and shopping, as well as free online e-mail, messaging and, of course, maps) were setting up their 360 degree ground view tour of the South Korean Island Jukdo, this super-friendly local doggo thought, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but I’m going to help you do it anyway.”

And help it did.

The pup proceeded to shadow the camera-person as they circumnavigated their way around the island, successfully getting itself included almost every possible view, sometimes walking ahead, sometimes trailing behind, but mostly just grinning out at you with all the happiness that only a doggo can muster.

And thanks to some clever editing, this canine companion now successfully follows you around almost the entire island, providing what all other map apps are glaringly lacking — a guide dog.

Doggo Guide Resting

What makes it even better is that the island in question is only 734 metres long and 482 metres wide at its longest and widest points respectively; so it’s easy to click your way through a dog-guided tour around almost the entire thing, which is something that you absolutely must do.

I’ve included snaps of a few of my absolute favourite moments while exploring Jukdo, but don’t let these be your only taste of doggo guidance — head over to Daum and make the adorable journey yourself.

If only there was a way to make this a standard feature in all virtual tourist maps. I’m looking at you, Google.

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