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You never have to grow up now because Cheez TV is freaking BACK


Literally the greatest show that ever existed, Cheez TV is making a glorious comeback.

The original hosts Ryan Lappin and Jade Gatt will be returning to your screens (well, computer screens) via the magic of Twitch.

The festivities (which will run under the new name: Cheezontwitch) will kick off 7pm AEST on Sunday evenings, and though we don’t know yet what the show will consist of, I’m sure the lads have some shenanigans in mind.

“It’s crazy that there is still such hype for the show given we finished up around 12 years ago,” Ryan said on their Twitc stream.

“We don’t understand why, but everyone seems to remember us because they grew up watching the cartoons on our show before school.

“What’s blows us away is these kids are now grown up and we can have beers with them, it’s awesome.”

It’s kicking off Sunday 30 July at 7pm on Twitch!

Happy freaking Friday, you guys!

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