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What happened to Pandora in Australia?

The Pandora music service is outta here. Out of Australia, at least.

But many Aussies are wondering what happened to the streaming service, and what their other options are.

Although the internet radio service came to Australia in 2012 and enjoyed relative success, it seems like the Australian market was a bit too tough to tackle and Pandora has decided to refocus its energy on the American market.

Why is Pandora leaving Australia?

A spokesperson for Pandora explained, “While our experience in these markets reinforces the broader global opportunity long-term, in the short-term we must remain mindful and focused on the expansion of our core business in the United States.”

Pandora users in Australia saw this apology when the service announced its departure from Australian shores.

Pandora Australia apology

What can Australian subscribers do?

With reports placing the user base somewhere between 1.2 million and 5 million, Australian Pandora users will be wondering where to go from here.

All Pandora services will cease in Australia on July 31 2017. The app and website will no longer exist for Australian users.

According to Pandora subscriptions should be cancelled automatically, although refunds are handled differently depending on how you access Pandora.

If you bought your subscription directly via the Pandora website, your Pandora Plus subscription will be automatically cancelled as of your next billing date. If your next billing date falls after July 31st, please contact us here for a prorated refund.

If you bought your Pandora subscription via Apple (iTunes), your Pandora Plus subscription will be automatically cancelled. If applicable, you will receive a prorated refund via your iTunes store account.

If you bought your Pandora subscription via Google, your Pandora Plus subscription will be automatically cancelled. If applicable, you will receive a prorated refund via your Google Play store account.

If none of those ring a bell and you need to find out which service you’re using to access Pandora, take these steps.

Can I migrate my Pandora playlist?

It’s unclear at the moment, but we have reached out to Pandora for comment.

Can I get a refund for an unused subscription period?

Yes, although it depends on how you accessed Pandora. Head over here to find out how you can be refunded.

What next?

Pandora joins JB Hi-Fi Now, Milk Music, Nokia MixRadio, Rara, Rdio and Guvera as music streaming services which couldn’t make it work in Australia.

Fortunately for Aussies, there’s a great alternative service to switch over to.


iHeartRadio is free internet radio service. Users can stream on the go for free on Optus through eligible plans.

iHeartRadio is basically a one-stop shop that hooks you up with all the live radio a person could need for a lifetime, helps you discover all the best new music through custom radio playlists framed by artist and genre, as well as offering up killer suggestions based on your own preferences.

So for those of you in a hot sweat over the prospect of having to go out and find new tunes by yourself, chill.

iHeartRadio is also huge on podcasts and has a wealth of shows to keep you laughing and learning.

iHeartRadio genre preferences

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