Featured Image for Microsoft Paint will be killed off and the internet has some intense feelings

Microsoft Paint will be killed off and the internet has some intense feelings

Netizens are going into early stages of mourning after news that Microsoft intends to kill off Microsoft Paint.

According to a recent announcement, the 32-year-old Paint is one of the features set to be “removed” or “deprecated” in an upcoming Windows 10 update.

No need to mince words, Microsoft. Give it to us straight: You’re killing Paint, aren’t you?

Paint made its first appearance in Windows 1.0 way back in 1985, so it is understandable that people have feelings of nostalgia towards it. And who among us have not indulged in the occasional Paint doodle?

It’s not like Paint will completely disappear though. In April, the Windows 10 Creators Update introduced the new Paint 3D.

As the name suggests, Paint 3D can do everything Paint does but also features 3D image making tools a new UI and online sharing features. In other words, Microsoft is replacing it with a younger and sexier version. You aren’t my real Paint.

Although there is still a slim chance that OG Paint survives, the internet has responded quickly to the news. Everyone cheered when Microsoft killed off Clippy, that insufferable anthropomorphized paper clip that just wanted to help. Paint on the other hand, is giving most people a case of the feels:

And behold the great majesty of this Paint-drawn Santa, complete with dramatic music:

To increase nostalgia levels, open Paint now and pair your final doodles with this: The number one song of 1985.


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