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This has to be the world’s sassiest Uber Eats driver

This Uber Eats driver is sick of all your crap.

I’ve never been a courier but I imagine an Uber Eats driver would have to deal with all sorts of infuriating bull-shittery.

After all, drunk, high and lazy people are the target demographic so you can perhaps forgive this bloke for his complete lack of shit-giving.

Alisha Jennings-Oluwsuko was looking after one of her family members at John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland (United States).

Feeling a bit peckish and not wanting to cop the heinous hospital food, she ordered Uber Eats from a local burger joint – she got her meal, but with a big side of sass:


Maybe the guy could’ve had a bit more empathy given he was delivering to the hospital, and a bunch of people thought he could go screw himself:

Others though, were backing the dude in:

Either way, it’s pretty difficult to argue with 130,000 retweets:

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