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Farewell Sean Spicer, we hardly knew ye

Although we kinda hoped Kellyanne Conway would be the first one to go, I guess it was inevitable. This morning, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has handed in his resignation, effective immediately.

Spicer resigned in response to Trump appointing Anthony Scaramucci to the position of White House Communications Director. Spicer said the new appointment meant there were ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’.

President Donald Trump, who had said Spicer’s continued bumbling performances didn’t bother him because the guy ‘gets great ratings’, commended Spicer’s brief time in the job.

In a statement, Trump said “He has been a great supporter and will now help implement key aspects of our agenda while leading the communications team. We have accomplished so much, and we are being given credit for so little”. Whatever accomplishments Trump actually has achieved in his time in office were not specifically referenced in the letter, but we’re totally sure it’s a legitimate claim.

Spicer’s deputy Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been promoted to the Press Secretary role – although she has been acting in Spicer’s place for some time.

So who is the new man on the block? Scaramucci is a Wall Street hedge fund manager, so he obviously is keeping with Trump’s trend of appointing the one percent to roles they have very little knowledge of.

What was that about draining the swamp?

Scaramucci is also known for being on the wrong end of a Barack Obama put down, as seen in the following clip. Scaramucci was trying to tell Barry about how being a misunderstood Wall Street exec is indeed a hard knock life.

Oh, the good old days, when a president was able to string a sentence together.

We’re not sure what ol’ Spicey is planning to get up to during his funemployment, but we are generally sad that it probably also means Melissa Mccarthy won’t be reprising her role anytime soon.

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