Some of the craziest Game of Thrones fan theories involve a Sam-Dany love story

With Season 7 released, we’re right back into the Game of Thrones craze.

Fans have been throwing wild theories about who’s related, who will kill who, and who will place their butt on the Iron Throne first. In the space since the Season 6 finale aired, the theories have gotten crazier.

So when Emilia Clarke was interviewed by ELLE magazine recently, it seemed only fair that she weighed in on the theories.

While some of them were delightful, others crossed fandoms and featured a tonne of profanities. Ah well, it’s nothing the show hasn’t had before.

We’re SO excited for the second episode to air. If you haven’t managed to watch the first one yet, here’s how. When you’ve seen it, read our review.

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