Could Trump happen in Australia?

The same questions have been asked over and over since the U.S. election – Will there be another Trump? Could Trump happen in Australia?

We spoke to John Safran, the author of ‘Depends What You Mean By Extremist’ who spent 18 months with Australian extremists and discovered that rapidly growing political parties like Reclaim Australia, Rise Up and One Nation are far more diverse than you’d expect.

In the time he spent with these extremists, he discovered that many Australians are repulsed by the ‘strangeness’ of the movement. Extreme ideologies are most successful when they’re masked as being “dinky di” or simply “proud of being Australian”, but they don’t remain successful.

The problem, according to Safran, is that extremist leaders can only pretend to be “regular” citizens for a finite amount of time. Soon enough, they’re exposed as radicals.

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