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The parody you’ve been waiting for – Franco takes on ‘The Room’

Anyone who’s ever managed to sit through the entirety of Tommy Wiseau‘s monstrosity, The Room, will be excited to hear that a parody is on its way.

Taking inspiration from the behind-the-scenes book written by Greg Sestero, better known as Mark (oh hi Mark), Seth Rogan and James Franco are set to release The Disaster Artist in December 2017.

The original film is widely regarded as a flaming turd of overinvestment, terrible acting and cringe-inducing dialogue.

It boasts expertly-crafted lines like:

  • “As far as I’m concerned, you can drop off the earth. That’s a promise.”
  • “You don’t understand anything, man. Leave your *stupid* comments in your pocket!”
  • “I have to go see Michelle in a little bit to make out with her.”
  • “I just wanted to hear your sexy voice. I keep thinking about your strong hands around my body. It excites me so much.”
  • Apparently, those crackers weren’t enough to turn Sestero away. In the book’s promo, the appeal of The Room is explained – “Nineteen-year-old Greg Sestero met Tommy Wiseau at an acting school in San Francisco. Wiseau’s scenes were rivetingly wrong, yet Sestero, hypnotised by such uninhibited acting, thought, ‘I have to do a scene with this guy.’ That impulse changed both of their lives. ”

    As far as parodies go, The Disaster Artist looks promising. Franco nails Wiseau’s confusing accent, and the crew nail the frustration and desperation one can only assume was present throughout the entire production timeline.

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