Lawrence Krauss slams (un)scientific arguments against marriage equality

Marriage equality still isn’t a reality in Australia, and we really are being left behind other progressive countries on the matter.

Equal marriage was legislated in Sweden in 2009, Denmark in 2012, Uruguay in 2013 and most recently in Germany. In fact, there’s a huge list here if you want the full picture of how far Australia is slipping on the global scale.

Those who oppose marriage equality often use political defences of conservatism and the (un)scientific reasoning that homosexuality isn’t natural.

When we got the chance to chat to physicist and general science brainiac, Lawrence Krauss, we spoke to him about aliens, religion, human existence and what science has to say about equal marriage. (Because why not?)

According to Krauss, science is a whole lot more than a conduit to mathematical epiphanies – “Science can inform not just public policy but morality, in some sense”. Watch the video to hear his take on nonsense “scientific” arguments.

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