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This couple made up a fake story about living without food and it went viral

There’s a strange group of people out there called “Breatharians”, who claim to be able to live without any food whatsoever. Which raises a few questions.

First of all, just how does that work exactly? If humans can live off air alone (as Breatharians claim), how is it that people starve to death?

But the bigger question is a psychological one. Do these people somehow convince themselves that it’s actually true? Do they have secret snacks, convincing themselves that somehow they “don’t count”?

Or are they just all a bunch of lying liars?

Hard to say. But one thing’s for sure: Breatharianism is complete bullshit. And the internet just fell for it, hard.

It started with a married couple, Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castello, who are both practicing Breatharians, whatever that really means. The pair got some major media exposure, thanks to Britain’s tabloid newspaper The Sun.

Now, we probably can’t expect very high standards from a rag like The Sun. I’m sure they’re doing the best. But nobody grows up dreaming of becoming a tabloid reporter at The Sun. Or let’s hope not, anyway.

What’s a bit harder to excuse is what happened after the original story started gaining traction on social media. Other media outlets, presumably looking for some cheap social media points, picked up the story.

And some of them were “reputable” media outlets who really should know better than to be duped by the claims of Breatharians. We’re talking about Yahoo, the Independent, and Metro. All of them gave even more exposure to the fake news story the couple was pitching.

If they were looking for social media exposure, they sure got it. The Independent‘s article was shared nearly forty thousand times. Way to keep the public informed guys. I won’t even link to their articles — let’s not give them the clicks.

So what’s the story with the original story? Surprise, surprise: the couple that started the story have something else they’d like to share with you. Or sell you, rather: they run expensive workshops to teach people how to live the Breatharian lifestyle.

In other words, all the media outlets involved in this story provided a bunch of free, uncritical PR to a couple of hucksters. Keep that in mind the next time you’re reading their stories.

One thing’s for sure: you won’t find that sort of thing here at Techly. As if that wasn’t already clear enough from the way we covered this story.

There’s also a little epilogue to this fiasco: after experiencing major exposure and some backlash, the couple clarified in an interview that they do, in fact, eat food. You don’t say!

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