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Communities are requesting an animal abuse register to name and shame

Studies have shown that those who are cruel to animals are more likely to be cruel to other people by enacting in violent crimes.

A UK-based Campaign for an Animal Abuser Register, lists the names of a number of convicted murderers known to have tortured or killed animals on its website, saying:

“The double murderer Stephen Farrow (convicted last year) killed other people’s pet animals as a child. The killers Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy, Raoul Moat, and the child murderers Ian Brady, Thomas Hamilton, Robert Thompson, and Ian Huntley all killed animals after torturing them,”

The evidence seems to be all there, but the site continues on by revealing, “It’s a surprise to many that at the moment there is no legal requirement to record an animal abuser’s name and details on any Register, or to make abusers report any change in their details or address. This means the police and prosecuting agencies can’t keep track of offenders and prevent further cruelty to animals.”

However, thankfully a growing number of US states and counties are choosing to take action against animal abusers by listing abuser’s names on an official registry, similar to how a sex offender’s details are kept.

Kevin Beckner, a commissioner of Hillsborough County in Florida, believes that by maintaining a well-kept registry we can not only protect animals from violence but maybe even protect humans from violence as well.

Tennessee was the first US state to introduce a registry in January of 2016, but soon others followed Tennessee’s lead, such as, New York City, a region in Illinois, and Tampa, Florida. Although, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Texas, and Washington all have had similar propositions proposed to them.

This movement has motivated some people to sign petitions to further spread these animal-protecting initiatives and has caused others to express their beliefs that there should be a more serious punishment for animal abusers.

Either way, the US is taking the right course of action. Ever since 2016, the United States’ FBI has kept of track animal cruelty acts just as they’ve kept track of other crimes, such as arson, burglary, assault, and homicide.

These records have allowed police to monitor and assess the extent of animal neglect and torture. This information allows authorities to have an idea of who could potentially be a threat to not only animals but humans as well.

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