Featured Image for Aussie legend checks in a single can of beer for flight to Perth 

Aussie legend checks in a single can of beer for flight to Perth 

An Aussie hero known only as ‘Dean’, decided to check in a single can of Emu Export lager for his Melbourne – Perth flight on Saturday.

“One of my mates works at the airport and he and I were wondering what I could check as luggage and get away with – a single deodorant can was another idea – but the export can was way more iconic so I went with that,” Dean told Unilad.

Dean added that the while “planning stages” for the great event were done over several other Emus, the execution was done sober.

“It honestly just seemed like a good laugh, an idea a mate and I cooked — pretty much a meme in real life for all the export drinkers out there,” Dean told Mashable.

After an initial struggle with the automated check-in, Dean decided to opt for the human touch. It must have been a great moment. Dean, striding up to the counter, Emu Export in hand, knowing that he was about to make history.

Ground staff accepted the unique luggage and Dean snapped a pic of it on the tray with a caption that simply read “Happening”.

He then boarded flight QF777 to Perth, well aware that he had pulled off something legendary.

Although Dean wasn’t convinced that the beer would make it out unopened, his faith in humanity was soon restored. Upon disembarking, Dean was greeted by the solitary can of Emu making its rounds on the carousel.

Dean didn’t celebrate by immediately quaffing the lager. Not after all the can had been through. He told Unilad that he would be “saving it to crack when it’s cold and I’m with the boys.”

Bravo, Dean. You are this week’s True Aussie Hero.

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