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Daredevil kitten and electric car enthusiast got stuck in a Tesla

Everyone knows cats follow one golden rule: “If I fits, I sits.” But sometimes there are places where these little rascals fits that they most definitely should not sits.

This became obvious earlier this month when on a YouTuber and proud Tesla owner entered his garage to hear the mewing sound of a kitten in distress — despite the fact that he was not a cat-owner.

After a while of looking around for the source of the sound, he narrowed it down to the inside of is Tesla Model X, or, more specifically, the inside of the rear bumper of his Tesla Model X.

Like all good-hearted folk, he got in contact with his local Tesla service centre to arrange getting his car de-catted asap — but not before pulling out his phone and recording a video and posting it on the internet to chronicle the start of his cat-stuck-in-a-Tesla saga.

(Now, here’s the part I’m not sure about: did he drive his car to the service centre? With a cat stuck in the bumper?! What if it had somehow fallen out while he’s cruising along the highway?!?!)

Logistics aside of how he actually got his car to the service centre, he eventually did get it there, where the friendly Tesla crew set about extracting the kitten from its less-than-ideal temporary home.

After an estimated 14 hours of being trapped in a car, the little lady was finally freed, and now has a new, much more suitable home, with one of her rescuers and his family — and in recognition of her adventurous past, her new owner named her ‘Tessie’ in honour of the Tesla car that brought them together.

After Tessie’s successful rescue Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, took to Twitter to celebrate the happy ending:

Maybe this will teach those darn cats not to go squeezing into places they shouldn’t, especially if that place is attached to a vehicle.

But probably not — after all, these are the same creatures who thought that inside the wings of a plane might be a good place to sleep.

Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

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