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Tourists keep mysteriously dying on this Thai island

It’s become known as “death island”.

If you are considering a trip to Thailand, you might want to give the island of Koh Tao a miss.

According to a recent report by The Independent, Koh Tao and other islands are run by powerful mafia-like crime families.

In the past three years, seven tourists have died in mysterious circumstances while visiting Koh Tao.

The most recent death was reported in April this year when the body of Belgian tourist Elise Dallemagne was found hanged and eaten by lizards.

Thai police have linked Dallemagne’s death to a cult, suggesting that she may have taken her own life. But there is also a possibility of foul play.

In 2014, Hannah Witheridge and David Miller were brutally murdered on Sairee Beach in Koh Tao.

Following the murder, British backpacker Sean McAnna told The Sun that men had overheard him discussing the killings at a bar. McAnna claims that the men then threatened him.

“They just said to me, ‘We know you killed them. You’re going to hang yourself tonight and we are going to watch you hang. You will die tonight’. So I just ran.”

McAnna told The Sun that after posting about what happened he went to the local police. However, fearing that the police might be corrupt, he then opted to flee and hide in the jungle for the night. The next day, he was on the first boat outta there.

Four other tourists have been found dead in the last three years on Koh Tao. Their causes of death were various ruled as hangings, drownings and an overdose from mixing alcohol and medicine.

All are pretty suss, but most of all is probably the death of Frenchman Dimitri Povse who was found hanged with his hands tied behind his back.

To date, only two people have been convicted for these mysterious deaths in Koh Tao. Two men from Myanmar were found guilty in 2015 and confessed to the murders of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller. They later tried to retract their confessions, claiming they were tortured, but were sentenced the death.

They appealed the verdict earlier this year and lost.

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