Featured Image for You can buy your own tropical island in the Whitsundays for just $495,000 

You can buy your own tropical island in the Whitsundays for just $495,000 

Hey there, Sydneysiders and Melbournians.

If skyrocketing house prices have got you feeling bummed, maybe you can consider buying a whole damn island in tropical Queensland.

Located a kilometre south of Great Keppel Island and five kilometres off the mainland, the 23-acre island is being sold by an agency called Australian Listings.

According to the listing, the price of the island was originally $850,000, but has been slashed to $495,000 for a “quick sale”.

The listing also says that the owner has “created magic” on the island and it is all ready for someone to take it to the “next level”.

For an idea of the kind of magic created, Rockhampton’s The Morning Bulletin spoke to selling agent Richard Vanhoff.

“It was a party island for a group of single guys,” Vanhoff said. They had a sort of golf course on the top and they used it for chipping, fishing and partying. It was just party central for these boys and the reason they are selling is they are growing up a little bit, getting girlfriends and are spending more time elsewhere.”

Totally relatable. I mean who didn’t have a party island growing up?

For now it seems there isn’t a house on the island but there is a hot water shower, a toilet and storage shed with tents and camping gear.

If partying isn’t your thing, there’s fishing, private beaches and range of water sports to enjoy.

The nearest town is Emu Park, which is only a 5km away by boat. Unless, of course, you want to build a landing strip or helipad.

At $495,000, Wedge Island is an absolute steal.

Wedge Island

This could all be yours.

For perspective, the median house price in Sydney hit $1.15 million in April, which is about double what it was in 2007. Likewise, Melbourne’s median house price hit $840,000, also doubling in a decade.

So for roughly the price of a house in Little Old Adelaide, you could have your very own island.

Just think, you could build a nation and make your own rules. Living like a demented God in an island paradise.

What are you waiting for?

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