Reporter gets puked on during 4th July live cross, bravely soldiers on

God Bless America.

It was America’s birthday yesterday, so to celebrate they did what they always do – set off fireworks, drink beer, play beer pong and…spew on reporters.

KTLA reporter Wendy Burch headed over to Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles for an Ironman competition.

But this isn’t your standard triathlon.

The three legs are: run a mile, paddle a mile, CHUG A SIX PACK OF BEER (or FREEDOM JUICE as I assume they’re called on 4th July).

As you can imagine, the combination of intense physical exercise and pounding brewskis doesn’t exactly sit well with the stomach – so as Wendy puts it, “the competitive juices were flowing…all over the place.”

Unfortunately for Wendy, she got caught in the crossfire of these “competitive juices” (which she assures as was more suds than puke, thankfully).

While the camera crossed back to the studio, Wendy said she kept soldiering on.

“So, for the better part of the next two minutes, I just kept interviewing drunken people. while sudsy substances flew in the air and landed in my hair.”

Someone get this woman a Walkley.

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