Did Pauline Hanson break a law while filming a video…and post it anyway?

Uh-oh spaghetti-O!

In news that will shock the Australian population to its very core, Pauline Hanson has landed herself in hot water yet again. After her most recent show of ignorance in calling for autistic children to be segregated within classrooms, Pauline has posted a video which paints her in a cool and phre$h way…while doing a not-so-legal thing.

Just a reminder: Hanson is an elected Senator and not a regular ol’ citizen. Broadcasting shiz like this is the opposite of a smart move. And yes, she’s going to be called out for it.

Hanson, who is in Townsville for some media slots, thought she’d post a cheeky vid of her flying a drone. Quite a feat! Show the nation, Pauline!

The minute-long video was posted to her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Despite early accounts that the Facebook video was removed, it seems that Hanson has reposted and pinned it to her Facebook page.

It’s a bit of harmless fun, except that it directly flies in the face (hehe) of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)’s regulatory outline. They are aware of the video, and are currently in the process of sizing up any breaches.

Thanks to all those who have reported a potential breach of the drone safety rules in Townsville by Senator Hanson.


Posted by Civil Aviation Safety Authority – CASA on Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Further, a spokesman for CASA made a statement to the Courier Mail. While he wasn’t able to comment on Hanson’s case directly, he wants the public to remain informed about drone regulations. recreational drone operators do not need a certificate or license but must abide by regulations.

“This includes not flying within 30 metres of people or property, you can’t fly over crowds and must not fly higher than 400 feet (120 metres) in controlled airspaces,” he said.

In the video, Pauline refers to the ongoing scandal regarding questionable (and unstated) funds being used to purchase the One Nation campaign plane – “The plane, the plane, no now it’s the drone the drone,”

Sheesh, Pauline. Just stop flying things for a bit.

Nobody is asking you to fly.

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