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Melbourne’s anti-terror bollards are getting colourful makeovers

Anonymous Melbournians have been giving their city’s anti-terror bollards makeovers using paint, fabric and glitter.

Last month, Victoria’s State Government installed a new batch of over 100 concrete bollards in key locations across the city.

The bollards were placed to serve an important purpose: combat vehicle-based terrorism. In recent times, we have seen horrible events unfold in pedestrian areas in Nice, London, and of course Melbourne’s Bourke Street.

Although safety is paramount, the common consensus is that the bollards are just plain ugly.

But all that started to change last week, when the bollards started to become covered in fabric, painted and sprinkled with glitter by anonymous Melbournians.

Feast your eyes on these super artsy anti-terror bollards, which have been collectively dubbed #bollart:

This guy provided some measurements to help aspiring bollartists:

Not all bollartists are anonymous:

Mmmmm, conceptual bollart:

Although some bollart has been removed, the City of Melbourne claims it will not take anything away:

Lord Mayor of Melbourne told The Guardian that he is a fan of anything that brightens up the city, adding that he probably wouldn’t hire bollartists to decorate his house.

According to ABC News, the Victorian State Government has allocated $10 million to replace the temporary blocks with permanent or retractable bollards.

Melbourne is often touted as the nation’s most arty city and once again, it’s proving it.

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