Lawrence Krauss tears apart Shane Warne’s um…interesting…thoughts on evolution, aliens and pyramids

Shane Warne vs Lawrence Krauss.

Truly a clash of intellectual titans.

In the blue corner, the world’s leading astrophysicist – and in the red corner…this guy:

Shane Warne

(Image: AAP)

Make no mistake, Warney is a hero of mine, and one of Australia’s greatest ever sportsmen – but evolutionary scientist he is not.

The great man was on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here last year where he introduced the world to his ~theories~ on evolution, aliens and pyramids.

Really makes you think.

But I, like Warney, am also not a trained scientist, so far be it from me to throw stones in this glass house of mine.

With that in mind, I asked Lawrence Krauss, one of the most universally respected astrophysicists of our generation, whether Warney was hitting the spot with this one, or landing it in the rough?

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