White House reporter launches stunning, scathing attack on Trump’s press secretary

We’ve got a White House press controversy, but miraculously it doesn’t involve Sean Spicer.

Brian Karem, a White House press reporter for the Sentinel has put Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on blast after the Trump administration continued its attack on CNN for a now-removed story.

Huckabee Sanders told the press corps that “the media can’t be trusted to report the news”, at which point Karem snapped – launching an unprecedented and scathing attack on Huckabee Sanders.


While CNN are rightly being criticised for running an unconfirmed Russia-related story, as Karem notes, the far graver concern is the White House’s constant attacks on the media.

The Trump administrations attacks on any outlet that publishes critical news is dangerous and dyspotic.

Something needs to change.

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