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Splash some serious cash on Prada’s exclusive $240 paperclip

If you’ve ever wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on a paperclip, you’re in luck. Because Prada is now selling them.

The paperclip — which sells for $USD185 (or about $AUD240) — is in fact a money clip; it’s just designed to look like a paperclip. Maybe that’s clever, but it’s hard to see how it could possibly be worth the price. Even if it is made of sterling silver.

It’s hard to know how they expected this to be received. Are they really so out of touch with normal people that they would consider that price to be reasonable?

Or is the whole thing a clever marketing ploy, designed to garner free publicity by way of articles like the one you’re reading now?

One thing’s for sure: for many of us, buying this clip would ensure that we’d have no cash left to put inside the damn thing.

And the outraged internet seems to agree:

Some writers have also pointed out that this can be seen as part of a larger trend, one in which the world of high fashion takes mundane objects and repurposes them to become luxury items.

Whether it’s part of a larger trend, or a cynical stunt, or just plain cluelessness on the part of Prada, we can take heart in the fact that the internet seems to have uniformly rejected this pricey paperclip.

Personally, I think it would be funny to get one of these and just use it as a regular paperclip.

Although there is one other practical use for this paperclip that people seem to have missed in all this. But it’s one that doesn’t so much benefit the owner as it does the rest of us: when someone buys one of these things, it helps the rest of us to understand that person’s character.

Which is to say: if you walk around with one of these, and are proud of flashing around your new toy, the paperclip-less masses will know straight away who they’re dealing with.

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