Featured Image for A rural Bunnings has become a Trip Advisor sensation for its A+ sausage sangas

A rural Bunnings has become a Trip Advisor sensation for its A+ sausage sangas

Ah, Bunnings. Home of the Australia Dream (DIY renos) and one of the greatest foods on Earth (the snag).

Last month, we reported on the impending apocalypse set off by the Mentone Bunnings holding a vegan sausage sizzle.

Well, folks, you can safely emerge from your panic rooms and bunkers now. Life has gone on and another Bunnings is grabbing headlines.

This time it is the Warrnambool Bunnings, which has emerged as the 8th best “restaurant” in the region.

Yes, that’s right. Some Aussie legend has made a TripAdvisor page for the Bunnings sausage sizzle, and the reviews have been mostly excellent.

At the time of writing, the sausage sizzle has received 57 reviews, 93% percent of which give the fine establishment five stars.

I know what you’re thinking. People in Warrnambool are probably starved for choice. Not true. The town has a population of around 30,000 and according to TripAdvisor there are 93 restaurants to choose from.

Here is a sampling of some glowing reviews:

Jo M from Cairns wrote:

Who doesn’t love it. There are rules though; must be white bread, must be slightly burnt with onions. Tomato sauce and mustard. Plus u must always wander around the store trying to work out where u put ur scrunched up napkin.

And Emmyloustar from Healesville was similarly impressed:

What culinary excellence! The napkin was bread! Not even the likes of Heston has come up with this gastronomic experience. The marriage of white bread, sausage, onions and tomato sauce were by far the best I have ever had! (sorry mum!). Thank you Sir Banner, your delightful mannerisms only made my experience more memorable. I hope to see you next month, when I restock my supply of spack filler!

The praise wasn’t just from Aussies either. Camille154 from Christchurch had this to say:

Had just planned on popping into my local Bunnings for some reasonably priced gardening supplies, but after smelling the distinctive aroma of Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, I knew this trip would be about more than just the potting mix. The selection of cold drink cans was vast, with not only Sprite, Coke and the usual suspects, but an international range, including Dr Pepper and L&P. The onions were cooked right though, the white bread was fresh, and most importantly the sausages were premium quality. The complimentary mustard and tomato sauce was a nice touch.

Of course, some did dare to speak out against the sausage sizzle. Perhaps Joey n should visit the Mentone Bunnings:

Poor…No vegan options, crappy atmosphere, no Gluten Free options, only had white bread, nasty looking onions.

Warrnambool’s top spot is currently occupied by the Clovelly Restaurant and Bar, which has 188 reviews, 64% of which are excellent. To this I say: Watch your back, Clovelly. Bunnings is coming for you.

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