Featured Image for Infamous drug lord, El Chapo, is set to sue Netflix over “moral damage”

Infamous drug lord, El Chapo, is set to sue Netflix over “moral damage”

Netflix is raining their original series down on viewers right now. It’s the result of a host of successful forays into Netflix-produced shows, like House of Cards and Stranger Things.

One of the recently released shows, El Chapo, has come under fire by none other than El Chapo himself. The series, according to Netflix’s description is a Spanish-language drama which “chronicles the true story of the rise, capture and escape of notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán”.

El Chapo’s legal team has taken issue with the “true story” claim. They also appear to be bringing the fight because Netflix refused their pre-filming demand to pay for the name and likeness of El Chapo for the series, which is a ballsy (and potentially stupid) move on Netflix’s part.

Although it is strange to see such a notorious (and dangerous) drug lord suing over a less-than-positive representation, El Chapo’s lust for media attention has seen him get into trouble before.

In an interview, El Chapo’s lawyer detailed the plan of attack – “There was no contact for the issue of royalties. It will exercise any legal action, I’m waiting for instructions [from] Joaquín to start something, but it will do. He’s going to do [this] in America because there is defend more the right to privacy than here in Mexico and there is greater protection for the private life of people.”

The series has attracted praise, although perhaps not as much love as Narcos, but time will tell whether the series will pay off for Netflix.

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