Featured Image for Your favourite Game of Thrones characters (unironically) singing ‘I Will Survive’ is gold

Your favourite Game of Thrones characters (unironically) singing ‘I Will Survive’ is gold

Even if you don’t watch Game of Thrones, you must have heard by now that the series has an unusually high death count. But this musical montage wants to let you know: the main cast can’t all get killed off — right?

Well, maybe. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen, although theories abound. For now, the answers are locked away inside George R.R. Martin’s sick, twisted mind. And they might not even be found there, if we’re being honest.

Nevertheless, the series is going to have to end at some point. And before it does, there’s sure to be a few more favourite characters killed off in shocking and spectacular fashion.

And just to clarify: none of the above counts as a spoiler. After all, I’m not saying which characters died; I’m just saying some of them died (okay, a lot of them died).

And if you think the very fact that some characters don’t survive the series counts as a spoiler, then allow me to spoil pretty much every major show on television by saying that characters die in almost all of them. That’s not a spoiler!

Besides, Game of Thrones has been on for six years now. After two or three years, spoilers are fair game. If you were that worried about it, you would’ve checked out the show by now.

With all those disclaimers aside, you can go ahead and watch this tongue-in-cheek musical homage to the show’s high death count, featuring the musical stylings of — what else? — Gloria Gaynor’s classic hit, I Will Survive.

Viewers of the show will note that some of the characters in the video have already died horrible onscreen deaths, but I guess whoever edited this video didn’t mind including them anyway. Not to mention: dead characters don’t necessarily always stay dead (okay, that was almost a spoiler).

By this point, if you’ve been following the show, you’re probably largely inured to the constant onslaught of murders and violent deaths. Just like any citizen of Westeros would be.

But I think everyone can agree on one fundamental truth about the show: they’d better not let Tyrion die!

Because the day Westeros loses its famous “God of Tits and Wine” is the day I stop watching.

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