Audience member gets caught stealing on the Ellen Show, chaos ensues

People have an expectation now that when you go to watch a daytime talk show, you’re gonna leave with some free swag.

Maybe it’s a foot-spa, maybe it’s a trip to Australia, maybe it’s a car?

So The Ellen Show decided to set up a social experiment to see if this expectation turns ordinary, law-abiding citizens into thieves and felons.

A table was set up telling the studio audience members that they could take one item of merchandise to remember their visit to the show.

What they didn’t know was that above the table were hidden cameras and microphones recording their every move.

Some were vindicated, some were humiliated – but at the end of the day none of them ended up with a car, a foot spa or a trip to Australia – just some crappy merch and a feeling of being exposed as a thief in front of a global audience of millions.

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Technically, Riordan writes culture, politics and sport, but 80% of his words are direct quotes stolen from The Simpsons. He promises to tweet more at @riordanl and speaks words for The Zero Thumbs Down Podcast.

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