Featured Image for WATCH: Brave German Shepherd takes on kangaroo

WATCH: Brave German Shepherd takes on kangaroo

Forget Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather.

Footage of a brave German Shepherd taking on a large kangaroo was captured on the side of a Cooma road in New South Wales this week.

Anthony Hartley happened to be passing by and caught the epic 20 minute battle on video.

“I was just driving through on the way back from the snow,” he told 7 News Online.“I saw a kangaroo and a German Shepherd have a bit of a scuffle for about 20 minutes until the police broke it up.” he added.

Here is the highlight reel from the encounter:

The roo repeatedly tries to grab the German shepherd, which darts around barking incessantly.

Hartley seems pretty excited by the whole thing. “This week on UFC….Whoo yeah!”, he says as the two foes go paw-to-paw. “It’s ON.”

With neither animal looking likely to back down, it came down to the law to come and break up the fight. Towards the end of the video, a police officer grabs a large stick and enters the fray.

Rightly sensing that humans are the most dangerous animal, the roo bounds off into the wilderness.

This is not the first time a kangaroo has tried to take on a dog. Last year, an Aussie man punched a roo that had put his pooch in a headlock.

Neither animal was hurt in the German Shepherd v Roo encounter.

Bookies currently have Mayweather as the favourite to beat McGregor when they face off on August 26th. Someone will definitely get hurt in that one.

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