Six of the best stats from Pornhub’s huge 10-year data report

So apparently there’s this website called ‘Pornhub’.

I’ve been told that it’s one of the largest porn websites in the world, not that I would um…know anything about it…

All jokes aside, Pornhub has become one of the most important sources of data for sociology and human sexuality in the world today.

With 75 million users every day logging on and getting off, the website is sitting on a treasure trove of ~hopefully anonymous~ information.

It set up a data collection and analysis team called ‘Pornhub Insights’ which scrapes through all the sordid info and gives some often compelling statistics about how we use the site.

So in celebration of their 10th birthday recently, the Insights team put together a massive data dump to give us a rundown of our porn habits from the last ten years.

Here are some of the most interesting takeaways:

The average time on the site has actually declined from 13.75 minutes in 2007 to 9.75 minutes today. The website puts it down to improvements in optimised searches and load time.

The most popular category is ‘lesbian’, followed by MILF, amateur, teen (18+) and mature. Interestingly, lesbian was the most popular search term for females as well as males.

Millenials are really getting into cosplay.

Pornstar Lisa Ann has been the most popular pornstar over the past decade, while Brazzers is the production studio with the most clicks.

There are over 10 million videos uploaded onto Pornhub, which translates to 684,352 GB – or 173 years worth of porn. That’s literally enough porn for two lifetimes.

Midnight is the most popular time, and Christmas Eve is often their slowest day – with traffic declining by 45 per cent.

While these might just seem like quirky stats, The New Yorker’s Maureen O’Connor described Pornhub as the Kinsey report of our time because of the huge amount of data and insights we can draw from their numbers.

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