Featured Image for Australia’s Onion-in-Chief, Tony Abbott, is gifted with an onion crown in Ballarat

Australia’s Onion-in-Chief, Tony Abbott, is gifted with an onion crown in Ballarat

I like to think that Tony Abbott measures his life by markers of pre-Onion Incident and post-Onion Incident. Australia is still struggling to forget the time Tone shocked us all by eating A RAW ONION WITH THE SKIN ON, so it’s only fair that he is haunted by that day.

Usually, Tony Abbott is forgotten about for most days of the year. There might be a few days where he sits on Page 5 after ranting about boats, the Conservative comeback, or sexism and misogyny.

Today is one of those days. Days after being honoured with a bronze bust in Ballarat’s historic Prime Ministers Avenue, Abbott’s likeness was adorned with a crown of onions, which is beautiful in its own way.

Evidently, The Onion Incident is fresh in the minds of the entire Australian populace.

The onion crown, which really should have ben accompanied by an onion lei, was criticised by the Mayor of Ballarat City, Samantha McIntosh – “Without any doubt, there should be absolute respect for the position of prime minister.”

McIntosh toed the line by enforcing that “Vandalism, graffiti and rude behaviour should not be tolerated, there is a cost associated each time someone tampers with ratepayer and taxpayer funded infrastructure.”


Abbott must’ve known, from the moment his teeth pierced that waxy onion skin, that his life’s work would be synonymous with onions. It’s a perfectly fine legacy, Tone. Perfectly fine.

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