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U.S. federal court cites Trump’s own tweets in travel ban takedown

In the words of a great man, “Congratulations, you played yourself.”

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has decided to uphold an injunction blocking President Donald Trump’s “travel ban”, citing Trump’s own tweets as part of the justification.

On Monday, a panel of three judges ruled unanimously against the Trump Administration’s attempt to remove an injunction placed by the state of Hawaii.

The Washington Post reports that the judges’ key argument was that the administration had failed to prove the ban as so necessary that it could impinge on people’s civil liberties.

The tweets in question began early last Monday morning, following the terrorist attack on London.

Trump started with his foot in his mouth, explicitly calling the executive order a travel ban, which is contrary to the administration’s previous rhetoric on this matter.

The next day, the president apologised for his tweet, removed the ban and quit office.

Just kidding. He doubled down, tweeting:

Perhaps it wouldn’t have mattered so much if press secretary Sean Spicer hadn’t told everyone the next day that Trump’s tweets are official White House Statements. Poor Spicer. He should have stayed in the bushes.

The court must have been paying attention because it wrote that Trump’s tweets show he wants to ban “countries” and not some particular individuals living there. That’s discrimination and last time I checked, it violates the Constitution.

If Trump’s tweets can now be used against him, then he is in serious trouble. Trump is known for tweeting a potpourri of vicious attacks, celebrity gossip, nonsense and blatant hypocrisy. There is even a subreddit dedicated to using Trump’s previous tweets to criticise him.

Along with FBI Director James Comey’s recent testimony and the ongoing Russia investigation, we can start to wonder. Is Trump really going to last the full four years? We aren’t even halfway through year one yet, and there is already talk of impeachment.

Keep tweeting, buddy!

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