Featured Image for Russia has a machine which SELLS social media likes and followers

Russia has a machine which SELLS social media likes and followers

Why make friends when you could just buy them?

If your stellar photos have ever gone unappreciated, don’t sweat it. This vending machine in Russia could sell you a new emotional support system.

The Russian company, Snatap, invented a machine purely to sell social media likes and followers and you have to admit, their prices are pretty reasonable.

Only $AUD1.16 for 100 fake likes and $AUD2.32 for 100 new followers. Rumour has it that there are around 20 of these social media crazed machines in operation around Russia.

And for the small price of $AUD325 you could rent your own machine! Gasp! Although, I will point out that Snatap hasn’t exactly revealed how long a rental like that would last.

As exciting as all of this is, not everyone is impressed. Popular journalist, Alexey Kovalev, tweeted a photo of the machine calling out Russia’s “extreme capitalism”.

The only real downside to using this friend-selling machine is that there is the slight payoff of your data being commercialised – when people use the Snatap vending machine, the device automatically adds customers in social networks which results in the machine sending requests to the client’s friends.

Here is how the functionality of the machine works, simplified into six simple steps:

Six things describing how the Snatap machine works

Credit: Supplied

So if you are against your social media accounts sending out advertisements for Snatap’s clients, I would have to recommend that you stay clear of this machine. But if you don’t mind, then welcome to the world of purchasing popularity!

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