Featured Image for WATCH: Racist old man abuses Nine News reporter, gets utterly owned

WATCH: Racist old man abuses Nine News reporter, gets utterly owned

It’s never nice to see someone get racially abused, but there is a silver lining when the bigoted douchebag gets properly scorched.

Nine News reporter Neary Ty was trying to interview a man after neighbourhood dispute in Geelong when he absolutely clicked it.

“What country do you come from?” the 53-year-old screams at her.

Ty just looks him in the eye and very matter-of-factly replies, “I was born here.”

Presumedly, comprehending this non-white Aussie being born in Australia was enough to make his tiny mind explode as his ~argument~ rapidly tail-spun out of control.

“You’re not f***ing Aussie, are ya? If you’ve got such a beautiful country, f*** off back there.”

Well that just makes no sense at all.

A) She is Australian, she was born here.

B) Beautiful country…what? She doesn’t even mention another country? Where do you want her to f*** back off to…? Australia?

He then flips her off and spits at her, because he is a class act.

Ty spoke to Today this morning, describing the incident as “next level”.

“You know, my parents came from Cambodia as refugees, they were sponsored here in the ’80s,” Ty told Karl and co.

“They created such a beautiful life for my sister and I here in this great country, they started a new life here, and I was born here. So it was upsetting for him to say something like that.”

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