Featured Image for WATCH: Insane Aussie dash-cam footage shows truck driver’s horror near miss

WATCH: Insane Aussie dash-cam footage shows truck driver’s horror near miss

This is why driving near trucks in Australia is a terrifying experience.

Australia is a bloody big country with a lot of bloody big highways and bloody big trucks. Which is why when trucks go rogue it is a bloody terrifying situation.

A truckie in Port Augusta, South Australia has copped a temporary suspension after absolutely batshit crazy footage shows the massive vehicle trying to overtake another truck and almost crashing head-first into an oncoming car.

The video was posted by Al N Aileen Cortina, who said:

“We had to do some off-road driving in the Cortina this morning just out of Port Augusta. This idiot couldn’t wait for the overtaking lane.”

Garden Grove, the company the truck driving was working for, contacted the police and said they’re investigating the incident.

“In a lot of businesses, people might just call the driver and tell them they’re sacked,” Steve Shearer, executive officer at the South Australian Road Transport Users Association (SARTA) said.
“But they haven’t done that… they’re investigating.
“They’ll have to see what comes out of that before any decisions are made.”

I guess it all comes down to one thing: don’t drive like a dickhead. Especially if you’re in a truck.

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